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The 6th district of South Carolina deserves representation that will put the needs of the district first, and not the needs of a national political party. It's time for change, a fresh perspective, for renewed youthful energy and ideas that will bring prosperity to a long neglected area. What will benefit the people of the 6th district most is an abundance of opportunity in the form of jobs, jobs, and more jobs! The office of an elected official is not limited to national projects that may or may not benefit the district, but to recruit and lobby for employers to bring their operations to our area. The 6th district of South Carolina is a powder keg full of potential that is waiting to be showcased. We simply need a representative who believes the 6th is worth the investment. If you don't think anything has changed in 28 years, then be a part of making that change happen!

"As your elected official, I plan to be the 6th's biggest cheerleader. It's my job to make sure we leverage the rich opportunities we have available to better the daily lives of our residents and to lobby for funding to facilitate improved infrastructure, and increased access to quality healthcare and education. This also means fighting for companies to bring their businesses to our towns to help drive employment and increase average household income. As your congressman, the 6th District will always take priority over national issues and discourse, as I believe this is what our founding fathers intended for the office - to represent the people who elected us to the office."

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John is a U.S. Navy veteran who resides in Charleston, SC., with his wife and young son. Following graduation from the University of Kansas, John moved to live and work in New York City in finance. He then served as an enlisted sailor and officer in the Navy's Nuclear Propulsion program. After his honorable discharge, John briefly worked for a former Lowcountry Congressman, where he was introduced to the local startup community. John currently works full time for a Charleston-based tech company, while operating his own small business Chuck Wagon.     

Republican Nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives  

South Carolina - Sixth District

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